TweeU plugin for wordpress


TweeU is a Wordpress plugin based on Tweetly Updater that updates Twitter when you create or edit a blog entry,
it uses the service for short urls. It can use your tags and categories to add hashtags to your tweet. TweeU uses, instead of There is no need for authentication on


13-07-2011: TweeU 1.2 has been release. This is not a major release, just Twitter api-key update and some minor clean-up.
01-09-2010: Second version of TweeU is here. Check out TweeU 1.1 with support for the new Twitter authentication.
29-01-2010: First release of TweeU. Version 1.0 is out.

Download and install

 - download TweeU:
 - install TweeU: upload to your web server, copy the zip file to 
/path/to/your/blog/wp-content/plugins and unzip it; activate the plugin on the plugin management page; go
to Settings -> TweeU and fill in your twitter login information and start using the plugin.


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 - blog:
 - www:
 - twitter: